The Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies of the University of Padua ( will be hosting the following conference

What you didn’t know you’ve always wanted to know about historical pragmatics

to be held in Padua in Palazzo Maldura on February 16-17, 2018.



The aim of the conference is to bring together historical linguists and pragmaticians interested in exploring diachronic communicative practices within and across languages with a view to shedding light on, among other things: how present-day communicative practices have been informed and shaped by earlier communicative options, constraints, goals and needs; to what extent and in what ways present communicative practices differ from earlier communicative practices; how past communicative practices differed across social groups.

Invited speakers: Andreas Jucker (University of Zurich) and Irma Taavitsainen (University of Helsinki) co-editors of the Handbook of Historical Pragmatics)

We look forward to welcoming you here!

Sara Gesuato & Cecilia Poletto
Conference Organisers